Build Credit with Primary Tradelines

As negative items are starting to be removed from your credit report. We recommend you start adding new primary tradelines. These new active accounts will help boost your credit score. Please choose 3 – 4 from the following list below if you don’t have any primary tradeline, 2 – 3 if you have at-least one primary tradeline.

Credit Builder Card

Get a secured credit card with as little as a $200 – $1000 Deposit. No credit score needed for approval. Reports to all 3 credit bureaus 

Rent Reporters

RentReporters is here to help the nearly 100 million renters improve their credit by reporting their on-time rent payment history to the credit bureaus. Rent Payments can Boost your Credit Score with the average Credit Score Increase is 40 Points. Reports to Equifax and Transunion.

Credit Strong

It’s a CD account that allows you to build both credit history and savings.

  1. It reports to all 3 credit bureaus.

  2. Make small monthly payments of principal and interest on your loan. The principal is a payment to yourself and is credited towards the lock on your savings.

  3. When your loan is repaid in full, the lock is removed from your savings accounts. You’ve built both credit and savings.